Jun 06 2018

Troubleshoot TLS versions against your c# application

Category: c# for hobbyistsadmin @ 3:41 pm

Here are some links related to troubleshooting TLS versions running from a console c#  application

Authentication failing due to TLS 1.2 not supported by systems such as Windows XP


Debug ssl/tls problems in .net


Jun 01 2016

Location of Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web

Category: asp.net mvcadmin @ 2:00 pm

This is the installation location of Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web


This link is documented as being the Update 4 with a release date of 11 june 2014.

It will offer the following two files:

vns_full.exe (1.1 Mb)


vs2013.4_webexp_ENU.iso (6.3 Gb)

The .iso file is the preferred means of installation. It needs to be mounted as a read-only drive before installation
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